Are You Taking Care of Your Mental Wellness?


Having strong mental wellness throughout your life can be a great way to create a happy and engaging life. However, providing psychological services in New York has allowed us to understand how we all face countless factors that negatively affect our mental health.

Here at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center, providing long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York, has allowed us to improve the mental wellness of our clients. Let us learn more about the many steps you can explore to keep your mental health at its best.

  • Keeping Stress Levels Low

    Leaving stress uncontrolled will lead to a range of health complications, including sleeping issues and higher levels of anxiety. Taking time to rest, removing yourself from stressful situations, and getting enough sleep can help keep your stress to a minimum. Opting to receive care in a quality nursing home like ours can ensure you experience as little stress as possible.

  • Stay Socially Engaged

    Social engagements will keep you mentally strong. The presence of your loved ones and friends can be enjoyable. Staying in touch with them can also strengthen your cognitive capabilities, which is important as you age. A good rehabilitation center can integrate social activities into your recovery programs to ensure you are spending quality time with your favorite people.

  • Hobbies and Recreational Activities

    Recreation activities can also be powerful for your mental health. Similar to socializing, engaging in your favorite activities for leisure and recreation can keep your stress levels low. These activities also help you stay active, which can promote the production of endorphins.

If you need health services that can keep your mental wellness strong, our services here in our facility are for you. Call us today!


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