Don’t Let Health Complications Thrive


Health issues will come with the constant risk of complications. This becomes more true when you are dealing with chronic illnesses. When these complications occur, your health may be in danger.

Here at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center, we ensure our clients do not experience these complications through our long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York. You are not totally helpless when dealing with this risk. Let us discuss what you can do to keep these dangerous complications at bay.

  • Getting The Right Treatments

    Modern medicine has made it easier to treat almost any condition. Seeking the correct treatments can control any symptoms you may experience. Apart from that, many of these treatments also address the root of your conditions. Paired with proper rehabilitation services, you can minimize your risk of complications.

  • Proper Care

    Seeking care in a rehabilitation center also allows you to control your symptoms. Treatments can be powerful for our healing, but they can work better when you pair them with the right care.

    Working with health professionals can help meet your needs and can also provide adequate assistance to keep your stress levels. Health providers like us also offer psychological services in New York to ensure you are cared for in every aspect.

  • Appropriate Lifestyle Changes

    In many cases, correcting bad habits can be enough to suppress your risk of health complications. Habits like maintaining a clean diet, staying active, getting enough sleep, and meditating supplement your wellness. With the right lifestyle changes, you can stop your conditions from intensifying.

We want you to achieve your best state of health. Let us help you realize this goal through our range of care services! Call us today!


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