Improving Your Quality of Life in Your Senior Years


We can thrive in almost every way when we are living a good life. Unfortunately, as the years go by, we will face countless factors that can affect the quality of our lives. You may experience several of these factors throughout your senior years. Here at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center, providing long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York, has allowed us to preserve and improve the lives of our clients. Let’s discuss important steps that seniors can explore to preserve their quality of life.

  • Strengthen Your Mobility and Independence

    In this stage of anyone’s life, preserving mobility and independence is a must. Occupational and physical therapy can help preserve these abilities. They help and teach you how to adapt and perform any kind of task at work, or in your home.

    Through strong mobility, you can perform many of your chores and tasks independently. Your safety can also thrive when you preserve your mobility, which can boost your quality of life. Our rehabilitation center has a range of services dedicated to boosting your mobility and independence.

  • Suppress Your Stress Levels

    As we provide psychological services in New York, we understand how dangerous excessive stress can be in your life. You may experience various mental and physical health issues when you leave stress uncontrolled. Be sure to get enough rest and remove yourself from stressful situations.

  • Take Care of Your Mental Wellness

    Your quality of life can also thrive when you take care of your mental wellness. Everything in your life can be affected by the state of your mental wellness. Opting for psychological services as well as practicing healthy habits can keep your mental health strong.

If you want to experience a strong quality of life, our services are for you. Feel free to call us for your inquiries!


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