Common Misconceptions About Rehab Centers


Like any other healthcare agency, each rehabilitation center also has a lot of misconceptions circulating around them. And this is the time that these myths should be debunked.

Below are some common misconceptions about rehab centers that people should seriously stop believing.

  • Myth: Rehabs are very costly.

    Truth: Although some extremely high-quality rehab centers can be way over our budget, people shouldn’t ignore the fact that most rehab centers accept some form of health insurance as a mode of payment, and they also offer different options that are more affordable and accessible for the majority.

  • Myth: Rehab centers work like prison jails.

    Truth: This is completely false. For their patients, most residential rehab facilities offer a wonderfully comfortable environment and first-rate amenities. Aside from delivering quality care services, one of the top priorities of rehab centers is to help their patients comfortably live while they are under their care. Since getting long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York is already emotionally challenging and draining, rehab centers don’t want their patients to experience stress and make them live in an uncomfortable and prison-like environment as most people think. They always put the well-being of their patients as their priority.

When providing quality rehabilitation and psychological services in New York, we at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center are the ones you can trust.

We are a cutting-edge rehabilitation facility that helps people lead happier, healthier lives through modern medical care procedures and technologies. A pleasant, vibrant, and home-like setting and patient- and family-centered healthcare awaits those who seek our services. Contact us today to avail our services!

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