Ways That a Social Worker Can Help You


Chances are, you may not have the opportunity to work with a social worker unless you have a family member battling acute illness or chronic condition, a loved one undertaking a major life transition, or an elderly in a nursing home, among others. But did you know that there are many more ways in which they play a central role?

As home to highly qualified and competent social workers at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center, here are some of these roles and, consequently, how they can help you:

  • Social workers can make accessing resources such as healthcare, unemployment services, and benefits programs easier, empowering you to overcome structural barriers such as poverty, discrimination, and social injustice.
  • Social workers can provide assessment and psychological services should you, your partner, and your family need it.
  • Social workers can help you cope with and resolve issues—everything from substance abuse, grief, and family dysfunction, to school adjustment.
  • Social workers can work to make your environment more safer.
  • Social workers can evaluate and monitor you to ensure that you are moving towards your established goals.

Our dedicated social workers at our rehabilitation center in Oswego, New York, will focus on your overall wellness. They are committed to providing compassionate and empathetic supportive services to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We also offer long term care for your convenience.

If you need skilled nursing in New York, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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