Maintaining Optimal Senior Mental Health


Taking care of your mental wellness is a primary component of living a good quality of life, especially for seniors. They need consistent and different recreation activities to keep them engaged and connected with others. Here are simple ways to help seniors boost their mental health and overall quality of life.

  • Mental stimulation is necessary.

    Engaging seniors in brain games and puzzles keeps the brain sharp and prevents cognitive decline among seniors. It helps sharpen thinking skills, including processing speed, reaction time, decision-making, etc. At a rehabilitation center, seniors may receive memory care and rehabilitative programs to help them stay on top of their age!

  • Keep in touch.

    Staying in touch with family, friends, and loved ones staves off cognitive decline and prevents loneliness and isolation. Mental health professionals who provide psychological services in New York can also help seniors address their mental health struggles, especially if they have trouble connecting and forming new friendships with others.

  • Try volunteering.

    Volunteering promotes a sense of fulfillment and purpose among seniors. The opportunity to give back to the community helps seniors feel connected, needed, and valued. Volunteering activities keep seniors active and remain socially engaged.

As a long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York, Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center promotes mental health and strong family connections. At Pontiac, we offer intensive medical attention to our residents who are experiencing mental health problems. On top of medical services, we encourage and get the family members involved in the process! Contact us today for more information about our services.

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