How Long-Term Care Helps Seniors Live Their Best Lives


Our health needs change as we grow older, and even so, our ability to care for ourselves. Our healthcare needs become more complex, and we may require help with activities of daily living. However, with long-term care, seniors have the support they need to live their best lives.

At our long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York, we believe that long-term care is not just about meeting our residents’ physical needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

One of the key benefits of long-term care is family-centered healthcare. This approach recognizes that seniors are part of a more extensive family system. At Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center, we work closely with families to ensure our residents receive the proper care and support they need. Our team of experienced professionals develops individualized care plans that consider each resident’s unique needs and goals. We encourage families to be involved in their loved one’s care and invite them to participate in care plan meetings and family events.

Recreation activities are also an essential component of long-term care. Staying active and engaged is vital for seniors’ physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Our rehabilitation center offers various activities and self-care services where residents can enjoy some pampering.

In addition to the physical health benefits that seniors can enjoy with long-term care, there are also mental health benefits. With our psychological services in New York, we offer various services to support our residents’ emotional well-being, providing counseling, therapy, and medication management as needed.

Long-term care is undoubtedly an essential component of senior healthcare that supports and assists seniors who cannot fully care for themselves.

If you seek long-term care for you or your loved one, our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing high-quality care and support to you and your family. Call us today!

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