Relieving Anxiety in Seniors


We can become so preoccupied with our loved one’s physical health that we overlook their emotional health. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness. Anxiety affects 10 to 20% of older persons, and the disease can have a significant influence on your quality of life. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to dealing with it.

Listening to your loved one’s concerns is sometimes the best thing you can do. They may be terrified and perplexed, so be receptive to their concerns, let them know you’re available to listen or ask for help from psychiatric services. A loss of regularity or structure can be a major source of concern for some elderly persons. This is especially common in elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Following a routine can help to reduce stress and provide structure to their day.

Assisting elders in coping with social isolation can be a wonderful strategy to alleviate anxiety and other mental health issues. You might also consider a rehabilitation center in Oswego, New York, which offers a variety of relaxing and enjoyable activities for your loved ones. Keep them occupied by doing things that remind them of happier times, such as preparing favorite dishes together, watching movies, going out to dinner, or taking a walk in the park.

We are proud to have professional and licensed healthcare personnel at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center who are capable of giving hands-on, specialized, long-term care to each client, ensuring that they receive the appropriate levels of medical attention.

If you or your senior loved one needs psychological services and skilled nursing in New York, you could always count on us to deliver the care you need. Don’t hesitate to reach us now at 315-343-1800.

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