Non-boring Activities for Seniors with Dementia


It is common for the symptoms of dementia to affect one’s cognitive abilities. Said illness can lead to memory loss and confusion, and is inevitable to seniors. That is why it is essential to integrate activities in taking care of them.

As a provider of psychological services, we believe that it necessary for seniors with dementia to engage in activities. Some activities can help ease the difficulty of their communication. It can also aid in promoting positive habits and invest in the feelings of your loved ones.

  • Tending the garden is therapeutic for the patient with dementia and even their caregiver.
  • Cleaning and organizing the house makes a person with dementia feel they accomplish laborious tasks.
  • Cooking or baking is also a rewarding task for them. Let the elderly do the steps on cooking and baking on their own. Only assist them when they ask for help. Balance the assistance you give on the stage of their dementia.
  • Reminiscing is very thoughtful for them. Asking about life experiences and their favorite memories can engage them to think and exercise their brain and stimulate their memory.

Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center offer short term rehab and psychiatric and rehabilitation services. If you avail of our care services, we can curate a care plan for your loved ones with dementia.

In our rehabilitation center in Oswego, New York, we provide a line of care services for different seniors. Our care plan will depend on the level of care that they need and their family’s reference.

Our skilled nursing in New York also provides for long-term care. To learn more about us, check out our website. For further inquiries, give us a call.

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