How Older Adults Benefit from Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy involves helping individuals at all stages of life develop, recover, or maintain the skills they need to perform daily activities. Since each individual is different, treatment plans will vary depending on their needs. In addition to psychological services in New York, occupational therapy is a vital part of a senior’s care plan.

As a trusted rehabilitation center, we will discuss the benefits of occupational therapy for seniors:

  • Reduce the risk of falls.
    For our elderly loved ones, one bad fall can be debilitating. It can affect their health and quality of life. Occupational therapists can help prevent falls by teaching seniors special exercises and techniques that improve their balance. This enables seniors to maintain their center of gravity, which makes it easier to walk.
  • Overcome daily challenges.
    Seniors who are recovering from an injury or illness often find it difficult to perform daily tasks like bathing, toileting, and eating. Rehabilitation services can help seniors enhance their basic motor skills, range of motion, strength, and dexterity. By improving these skills, they will find it easier to accomplish everyday tasks without compromising their safety.
  • Address memory loss.
    Occupational therapists also serve a key role in helping seniors address memory problems. Seniors can improve their memory through memory-enhancing activities. An occupational therapist can also educate caregivers on techniques to make it easier for seniors to remember.

Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center is a leading provider of long term care & short term rehabilitation in Oswego, New York. To uphold the health of our residents, we offer occupational therapy and deliver treatment plans to retain, restore, or improve their independence. Reach out to us for inquiries.

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