Getting a Relief from Back Pain


Back pain is prevalent in older adults. They can come from different causes, but usually, they come from muscle strain or spinal conditions. The pain can be light to intense, and when left untreated, can cause issues, or worse, can be debilitating.

When back pain attacks, what should seniors and those who provide Skilled Nursing in New York do to relieve pain?

  • Fix their sitting or sleeping position.
    Avoid slouching and use pillows. Seniors can also use gears and supporters when necessary.
  • Apply compress and light massages.
    Warm or cold compresses can provide relief to backaches. Light presses around the area can also feel good.
  • Take pain medications as needed.
    You can take over-the-counter medicines for tolerable types of pain. But when it gets serious, make sure to see a physician who can prescribe medications – with the correct dose and according to your diagnosis.
  • Try other solutions such as pain management or physical therapy in a Rehabilitation Center in Oswego, New York.
    Consult with an orthopedic or rehab doctor to know how many sessions the patient needs.

Seniors can also visit us at Pontiac Care and Rehabilitation Center. Our medical professionals offer long or Short Term Rehab, depending on their needs. If they need more information about our programs, do not hesitate to call us at 315-343-1800 or use the online form on this website.

Please be informed that we also offer Palliative Care, Dietary, and Psychological Services.

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