Adverse Effects of Missing a Dose of Your Medication


It is common for people to miss a dose of their medication especially when they are taking several at the same time. While it may not seem like a big deal at the time, this can actually cause adverse effects on your treatment. This is why, as a provider of long term care, we prioritize proper medication management for our clients.

Here are some adverse effects you may experience if you miss your medication:

  • Missing the timing of your medication
    Some medications such as pain relievers and asthma inhalers work better to treat pain and symptoms before they start. Missing the window of time may mean it would not work as well.
  • A failure of your treatment
    There are chances of your health condition coming back if you don’t finish your medications especially antibiotics
  • Withdrawal symptoms
    For some medications such as antidepressants prescribed for psychological services that trigger chemical changes in the brain, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, mood changes, flu-like symptoms, etc.
  • Your disease becoming resistant to treatment
    A lot of viruses gain resistance to treatment if you miss a dose of your medication. This makes them harder to control
  • Serious complications
    Missing certain medications such as blood pressure pills can raise your chances of heart attack, kidney failure, and other complications.

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